Crisis Management Committee

The Crisis Management Committee (CMC) supports the Board by identifying and coordinating related preparedness and critical infrastructure protection efforts. The CMC is responsible for evaluating, recommending, establishing and implementing the various Crisis Management Elements.

The CMC also helps facilitate our Public/Private Coordination and Action Team (P2CAT).


Crisis Management Team Chair: Elizabeth Stevens

Intelligence Committee

Intelligence Committee is supports the Board with Intelligence information including white papers. Our members can submit a white paper request to the Intelligence Committee and they will create a white paper on the specific topic you are interested in.

Intelligence Committee Chair: Eric Ebner


Marketing & Partnerships Committee

The Marketing & Partnership Committee supports the Board by coordinating with members who are handling events such as Secure360 and the ISC2 Conference. The Committee reports event progress to the board and supports the creation of new events and projects. Additionally, the Chair of this Committee is the outreach arm to other organizations such as ASIS and BOMA where there are topics of mutual interest. This Committee will facilitate special events and invite other groups to join/participate with Infragard for specific programs or events.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee supports the Board in setting themes for the General Membership Meeting. They also hold the responsibility for implementing the program themes.


Programs Committee Chair: Brett Lawler


Joining a Committee

If you’re an Infragard Member and interested in joining one a committee, please send us a message!

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