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Welcome to the InfraGard Minnesota Member Alliance website.  

We have quite a few exciting things going on in our chapter in 2022 & 2023.  We just celebrated our Annual Meeting on Monday, September 19th at Cargill with over 150 people in attendance.  This was our first big event back in person, and it was amazing.

The new Roundtable discussion at the Annual Meeting was well received by members who shared a strong interest in OT/IoT Security and wanted more programming on this topic.  Well, we have heard YOU and we will now have an OT/IoT Panel at our upcoming November Chapter Meeting on Monday, November 21st.

Here are some new and exciting updates on what we have going on:

  • We now have over 1750 members! That’s awesome!
    • Many members have gone dormant during the pandemic and no longer receive portal notifications and intelligence briefings.  Please log into the portal at, and you will start receiving these notifications again.
  • Creation of New Sector Cheif SME program. Watch for an upcoming information workshop on the topic.
  • Chapter Annual tax-deductible Support of $25 per member will move to an annual calendar renewal.  Any support received since June 2022 will go toward the entire 2023 calendar year.  Watch for Renewal notices in November.
  •  Chapter Sponsorship Program is now here! Click the link above this message for more details. We thank all of our new sponsors for your support of our Mission!

InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector for the protection of U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Through seamless collaboration, InfraGard connects owners and operators within the critical infrastructure to the FBI to provide education, information sharing, networking, and workshops on emerging technologies and threats.

InfraGard’s vetted membership includes business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, security personnel, military, and government officials, IT professionals, academia, state and local law enforcement, and many others—all dedicated to contributing industry-specific insight and advancing national security. As members of InfraGard, we focus much of our attention on critical infrastructure national security and are supported by a complex framework of businesses and services. However, the central role of these critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR) makes them especially vulnerable as targets for both physical and cyber-attacks.

With the majority of infrastructure in the U.S. owned and operated by the public-private sector, cultivating information-sharing partnerships that incorporate key industry stakeholders alongside law enforcement and government entities is crucial to protecting our most important public assets.

The FBI’s InfraGard program provides a vehicle for seamless public-private coordination with a government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to CIKR defense.

If you are already a member, thank you for helping to build a safer and more secure country! If you are not a member and are interested in joining, apply for membership today.


Tim Herman

Benefits of being an InfraGard member

  • Network with other companies that help maintain our national infrastructure. Quick Fact: 400 of our nation’s Fortune 500 have a representative in InfraGard.
  • Gain access to an FBI secure communication network complete with VPN encrypted website, webmail, listervs, message boards and much more.
  • Learn time-sensitive, infrastructure-related security information from government sources such as DHS and the FBI.
  • Get invitations and discounts to important training seminars and conferences.
  • Best of all, there is no cost to join InfraGard National. Minnesota InfraGard Member Alliance asks members to support the organization’s operations with a $25 annual tax-deductible donation.

Apply For Membership Today

Pay your annual InfraGard Dues.

Our chapter collects $25/year for membership dues. This money is used to purchase signage, equipment, logo supplies and occasionally for travel and lodging for speakers.

How to Pay Your Dues:

  1. You can mail a check written out to “Infragard Minnesota Members Alliance” to InfraGard Minnesota, 1730 New Brighton Blvd., Suite #104-291 Minneapolis, MN 55413
  2. You can bring cash or check to our general meetings and pay there
  3. Pay Online via PayPal

**Tax Information** Infragard Minnesota Members Alliance is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID # 20-0551365.